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Speaker of Cliches … My Back to Basics Approach to Golf | www.Golfing-Guru.com

Reposting from my golfing blog and my second installment of the latest assignment focusing on my core audience.  I think it rings true with all my fellow hackers and weekend warriors out there.  Now go chase that little white ball into the hole.

“Go to your home! ”
~Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore

Speaker of Cliches … My Back to Basics Approach to Golf | www.Golfing-Guru.com.


Packaging and the Bald-Headed Step Child — WordPress.com

Part one of my completed assignment for Blogging 101 for my business website ACE Premiere Products.  Have a read.  It focuses on the pitfalls of considering your packaging options AFTER you have built the product and how to prevent such mishaps.  Enjoy!

Packaging and the Bald-Headed Step Child — WordPress.com.

Who I am and why I’m here. . . .

OnionI could say I am an onion; multi-layered with subtle nuances the deeper you dig.  If I did actually write some gibberish like that I would be lying.  I could say that I am just a regular Joe looking for some outlet to untangle my personal and professional commitments into a single direction.  That would be closer to the truth but a little obtuse.  I guess you could say I am just a guy who enjoys writing about pretty much anything but due to life experiences being pretty much relegated to work, golf, and family, I write about what I really know — work, golf, and family.  I know it’s boring but it’s the truth.

So who am I?  I work in the packaging industry — specifically entertainment packaging.  I am quite literally the smokey room behind that smokey room.  My claim to fame in that industry is the “cake box.”  If you ever wondered who was responsible (Actually come to think of it why would you even be?) for manufacturing that case that held 25, 30, 50 or 100 CD-R discs in a tub, well I am sorry I ever even conceived that idea.  We supply DVD entertainment, Computer games, Spoken Word, and Religious market with pretty much any sort of rigid packaging they require.  My speciality in that rather small market is fairly obvious — multi-disc packaging.  I have been doing that pretty much for the past 20+ years.  I golf pretty much any chance I get which is often.  And in between the rounds of golf and occasional sales call or visit, I try to raise a family.

I enjoy blogging, so much so that I have three blogs — one for my work, another for my passion, and yet another just for the heck of it — my proving grounds so to speak.

That is who I am, now for why I am here.Eat Sleep Golf

I am here to learn.  Being competitive gives meaning to life.  Wanting more out of what you do and doing it better than anyone else at least in my mind is what drives me.  I want to create a series of blogs that would attract attention to all three parts of my life (work, golf and family) and hopefully give you a chuckle or two along the way as we make this journey together.

Misery hates company.  I kicked her to the curb.  So come and join me and share my passion for packaging, golf and the other stuff.