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Packaging and the Bald-Headed Step Child — WordPress.com

Part one of my completed assignment for Blogging 101 for my business website ACE Premiere Products.  Have a read.  It focuses on the pitfalls of considering your packaging options AFTER you have built the product and how to prevent such mishaps.  Enjoy!

Packaging and the Bald-Headed Step Child — WordPress.com.


In the beginning . . . .

It all really starts with a single post. Everything come to think of it starts when inaction manifests itself into some action. Even non action is in itself an action but that discussion should be made by folks way smarter than I.

When starting a blog, The question is always what to begin with. Truth be told this is my third blog. I have several other failed attempts to breathe life into a blog without much success. My current line up of blogs include my work, my passion and now this. I really haven’t given it much thought for this particular blog but suffice it to say it could be about just anything.

So here goes. My first totally and perhaps part of a long string of rambling posts.

Hope you enjoy my prattling.

My work: www.ace-cases.com
My passion: www.golfing-guru.com
And now this: Eat. Sleep. Golf. Repeat