About Eat. Sleep. Golf.


Eat.  Sleep.  Golf.  Repeat.

OK let’s be honest.  I play a lot of golf.  In between these rounds I do actually work.  And in between the work and golf I try to raise a family.

I am not some professional golfer although I want to play my best.  I am not some know-it-all but I do have an opinion.  I don’t even have a published handicap — yet.  What I am is passionate about the game of golf.  I enjoy it all.  From the misery of a chilli-dipped wedge to that piercing drive off the tee box.

Share the same passion?  Great!  Visit me here often.  Check out what I have to offer.  Comment and share your experiences.

So to the point.  What is this site’s purpose?  It is to bridge my work and passion.  Funny considering they are mutually exclusive.  Well at least from where I am sitting they are.  Expect to see posts from both websites here occasionally with a few ideas and posts thrown in for good measure.


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