Day One Entry: Sep 2, 2015

GK Plays comes to Goose Creek

We played right after the Mid-Amateur Semi-Qualifier. Talk about crazy pin positions.

I have played here previously but for some reason I don’t recall the greens with these crowns and wildly sloping collection areas sometimes 5 feet below the hole.

The thing is this was FUN in a very sadistic way. Personally I enjoyed getting the stuffing beaten out of me. In fact I did rather well on the back 9 we played first; shooting a 41 but then proceeded to play like a donkey on the front 9. Such is golf. It’s a cruel sport but I had a blast. Conditions were darn good that day. The weather cooperated and was not too hot but I think it did get to me when we made the turn.

Situations like these you need to play quickly but was not the case for the golfers in my group. We ended playing 5 hours in what should have been easily a 3 ½ to 4 hour round. Nobody was in front for at least 3 holes at one point; possibly 5 but at that point my interest fell short. That meant at least a sub 4-hour round.

Greens were fast; they were hard. Been reading other posts on and some said they were slow. They must have been putting uphill all day because those downhill putts were diabolical. The greens all have subtle to extreme breaks I suppose that is the course’s defense. Bunkers had decent sand a little dry but once I figured which club to use it was a non-issue (was in 3 bunkers – 1 fairway and 2 greenside). Tee boxes were back (blue). Fairways had great coverage. Rough was cut to about 3 inches but the ball would sink when it settled. That rough was thick and definitely deserved a club or two to get out of trouble.

Overall had fun. Course conditions are pretty decent especially at the price of $50 for our group GK Outing. It was a Deal with a capital D.

I would recommend this course to anyone. It’s appeal is pretty widespread. So if ever GK Plays finds itself here again I am there in spades.

Spoke to the GM/director of golf and you can tell by the tenor of his voice he and his staff take great pride in the course and their amenities. That pride definitely shows in their product.

So what is keeping you from playing? It’s only a short Angelino drive from LA (45 minutes -1hour). Play more golf!

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