Day One Entry: Aug 16, 2015

Redhawk Golf Club welcomes GK Plays

That’s right some golf course operators do get it. And the funny thing is the course is in good conditioning considering the sweltering heat today. That was surprising. The reality is that the positive reviews generated by our players today will generate significant currency when it comes to helping other golfers decide where to play next.

When first came up with this idea we were shot down repeatedly by an industry that still uses paper tee sheets to record the day’s receipts.

I am not saying it’s a bad thing. What I am saying they can leverage this “word of mouth” to help bolster future sales. Now more savvy golf course operators get it. They consider our rather modest GK Plays a marketing event not just tee time sales. They view it as a vehicle to help stimulate future sales.

It’s finally nice to see that at least some folks get it.

86° Clear
45100 Redhawk Pkwy, Temecula, CA, United States


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