Day One Entry: Jul 8, 2015

Shot an 80 at Chester.

It was a relatively quick round, about 4 hours with no one really in front or behind; just us, a 5-some and a lonely single stuck behind us. I think he broke off from the foursome playing behind us.

Short game was working. Able to get close.

Putted really well considering 5 holes were punched. No notice on so I sent a message there. Tee boxes are flat. Fairways lush-ish. Greens a little slow for my taste but that is what you get. Greens were receptive to high shots. The collar around the greens typically stop your ball dead but today they had the nice sort of bounce I like. Putting on the greens were bouncy and slow. Missed several birdie attempts. Managed to get pace down quickly and soon putts were sinking.

Managed 25 putts. 7 FIR and 6 GIR. Actually took notes and although I didn’t feel like I played particularly well but the numbers do not lie.

Just laughing at myself here. Missed breaking 80 today. I can think of a handful of times I managed that feat. I typically shoot low 80’s consistently even during tournaments.

Side note: I seem to lose focus every few holes. Need to come up with a mental note to focus on executing my shot. Going to have to ponder that one. The one difference today though; I was simply picking targets and focusing on making that shot happen. Perhaps that is the key. Takes pressure off score. Focus on set up then just execute. I do it then move to the next shot. It seemed to work until I forgot what I was doing.

Back to the drawing board. Time to work on my routine.

I also lost my range finder. I couldn’t have left the cart at the barn for more than 10 minutes. Apparently they already cycled the cart to be used again. Cart guy doesn’t clean the carts he just sends them out again. Sucks. Time to get me another range finder. Anyone have any suggestions?

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