PGA TOUR, EZLinks Golf forge new company

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – The PGA TOUR and EZLinks Golf, Inc., a pioneer in golf course technology and services, today announced the formation of a new company, EZLinks Golf LLC. A PGA TOUR affiliated company, EZLinks Golf LLC marks the TOUR’s entry into the tee time marketplace with …

My feelings are mixed here. On one side we have a David trying to slay the Giant aka GolfNow and their NBC/Universal bigger brother. On the other I see a lot of the once sports assets of NBC like baseball, football, basketball and even golf make the transition from NBC to Fox.

Admittedly with approximately 15k golf courses operating in the USA and GolfNow working with nearly half of these golf course operators, EZlinks LLC has their work cut out for themselves. They only operate in around 2-3k golf courses and are a distant second.

I want to see if just throwing money, media pull and brand will be enough to get an industry change resistant to consider a change.

Then again maybe it’s monkey-see; monkey-do. In which case GolfNow get ready for a “schlacking.”


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