Day One Entry: Jun 29, 2015

No golf. But damn I like WooCommerce!

I am a big proponent of blogs. In fact I use them for work. Combined with the WordPress platform it offers a stable yet flexible outlet to not only sell my products but inform my customers to the happenings at the office and my industries.

For those of you who don’t know me, I sell packaging by day and run a few business endeavors in between the phone calls and customer visits.

For my packaging side the WordPress platform with WooCommerce integration is so easy even I can maintain it. Everything is straightforward and the knowledge base for both are pretty extensive.

Now I am considering even using WordPress for our board and care homes. Help keep family’s of loved ones updated of client’s recovery. It could be a win win.

And then we just started selling tee times for a pilot program for Time will tell if we made the right choice but where I stand right now it made perfect sense.

75° Sunny
17002 Prairie Ave, Torrance, CA, United States

Regards Jun


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