Day One Entry: Jun 22, 2015

Well my first caddie experience is done and in the books.

Played caddie to my 12 year old nephew today for 36 grueling holes under the hot sun of Victorville.

Funny enough this is a really nicimagee quiet and affluent neighborhood beside a large body of water. I caddied for my nephew at the USGA Amateur Qualifier hosted Spring Valley Lake Country Club beside the Mojave river.

He did great for his first time. Kids 4 years his senior were blistering drives at least 50 yards beyond him with mid/short irons to the green. He on the other hand had to play longer clubs. No matter. He held he own.

You could say I was/am proud of him. He kept his composure. He played through adversity. And even though the score may not reflect the true measure of this young man’s character. You will if he stays the course. I expect great thing from this young individual.

93° Sunny
3229 Spring Valley Pkwy, Spring Valley Lake, CA, United States


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