PGA TOUR, EZLinks Golf forge new company

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – The PGA TOUR and EZLinks Golf, Inc., a pioneer in golf course technology and services, today announced the formation of a new company, EZLinks Golf LLC. A PGA TOUR affiliated company, EZLinks Golf LLC marks the TOUR’s entry into the tee time marketplace with …

My feelings are mixed here. On one side we have a David trying to slay the Giant aka GolfNow and their NBC/Universal bigger brother. On the other I see a lot of the once sports assets of NBC like baseball, football, basketball and even golf make the transition from NBC to Fox.

Admittedly with approximately 15k golf courses operating in the USA and GolfNow working with nearly half of these golf course operators, EZlinks LLC has their work cut out for themselves. They only operate in around 2-3k golf courses and are a distant second.

I want to see if just throwing money, media pull and brand will be enough to get an industry change resistant to consider a change.

Then again maybe it’s monkey-see; monkey-do. In which case GolfNow get ready for a “schlacking.”


Day One Entry: Jun 29, 2015

No golf. But damn I like WooCommerce!

I am a big proponent of blogs. In fact I use them for work. Combined with the WordPress platform it offers a stable yet flexible outlet to not only sell my products but inform my customers to the happenings at the office and my industries.

For those of you who don’t know me, I sell packaging by day and run a few business endeavors in between the phone calls and customer visits.

For my packaging side the WordPress platform with WooCommerce integration is so easy even I can maintain it. Everything is straightforward and the knowledge base for both are pretty extensive.

Now I am considering even using WordPress for our board and care homes. Help keep family’s of loved ones updated of client’s recovery. It could be a win win.

And then we just started selling tee times for a pilot program for Time will tell if we made the right choice but where I stand right now it made perfect sense.

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Regards Jun

Day One Entry: Jun 26, 2015

No golf. Just family at the San Diego fair in Del Mar.

It was fun. Loads of food. Everything fried which is good. Tried my first fried Twinkie with strawberry jam – interesting.

Even saw my share of farm animals including sheep cows and steer.

Throw in a stadium with racing ATVs and it was a productive day. Kids even had their fun time riding all sorts of mischief.

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Day One Entry: Jun 22, 2015

Well my first caddie experience is done and in the books.

Played caddie to my 12 year old nephew today for 36 grueling holes under the hot sun of Victorville.

Funny enough this is a really nicimagee quiet and affluent neighborhood beside a large body of water. I caddied for my nephew at the USGA Amateur Qualifier hosted Spring Valley Lake Country Club beside the Mojave river.

He did great for his first time. Kids 4 years his senior were blistering drives at least 50 yards beyond him with mid/short irons to the green. He on the other hand had to play longer clubs. No matter. He held he own.

You could say I was/am proud of him. He kept his composure. He played through adversity. And even though the score may not reflect the true measure of this young man’s character. You will if he stays the course. I expect great thing from this young individual.

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Day One Entry: Jun 19, 2015


Father’s Day gift. Play Rancho Las Palmas south/north combo. Played well. Only two brain farts the whole round. Could have gone low but the heat really took its toll on me.

Was sputtering on the last nine holes. Managed however to finish in 2 ½ hours. For the record I have NEVER played 18 holes in under 3 hours.

Greens were sanded and a little bumpy. Fairways were lush. Bunkers (played out of 7) were hard packed. Tee boxes flat. It was a fun and frustrating round. Had difficulty determining where the hole locations were.

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Stevinson Ranch GC to Close July 18 – Northern California Golf Association | Northern California Golf Association

Stevinson Ranch GC to Close July 18 – Northern California Golf Association | Northern California Golf Association.

I have had the privilege to play her a number of times.  This I can honestly say is a course that makes golf fun and challenging all rolled up into one.

I will personally miss this course.

Be sure to add this to your must do list soon as they plan on closing their doors this July 2015.