Word Crimes

Well bring out the Grammar Nazis!! At least there are some of you out there that know how to read, write, and possibly grammar check your work before you send it out.

Wait did I use the proper verbiage?

Just 5 Paragraphs

My super pet-peeve (do people still use that phrase?) is the sprinkling of one’s writing with random apostrophes. Like this: random apostrophe’s every time you use plural’s. What is that all about? Please. Stop.  The video above made my day.  Go, Weird Al; and thanks, ReadWriteTeach for posting this on your blog.

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WATCH: SDSU Women’s Golf Team Trick Shot Video

Who says golf isn’t sexy as well as a sport? This is cool from some women golfers with skillz!

Friday Foursome with John Halvorsen from L.O.F.T. GOLF

Here is another video from the Friday Foursome a Google+ community.  Check out the latest interview from the
Friday Foursome with John Halvorsen from L.O.F.T. GOLF sponsored by Greenskeeper.org

Your Favorite Shot In Golf

Moments in golf are almost important as the shot themselves but sometimes you get swept up in the moment. What is your favorite golf shot?

The Grateful Golfer

What is your favorite shot in golf? If you take a moment to think about it, there is that one shot that you love more than any other. Maybe you like it because it keeps you out of trouble. Maybe because the ball flight is something to marvel. Or even it is because the of the sound the ball makes off your club. The reason can be just about anything, but I bet you have a favorite shot in golf.

As I think about this perplexing question, I can visualize every shot in my bag. I can see me standing on the tee as I prepare to smash the cover off the ball. With no difficulty I can see my set up for a wedge shot into the green. And I can imagine making that long left to right putt for birdie! I can visualize every shot, so narrowing down the…

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Your Next Shot In Golf

It’s easy to follow up a bad shot with another. The trick is NOT to do that. Here are some thoughts on what to do.

The Grateful Golfer

Important Golf Shot Ben Hogan 10th Hole – Glen Abbey Golf Club

Ben Hogan is a genius.

Imagine, after three putting the last hole then talking to yourself to the tee box, you face a tee shot like the 10th hole at Glen Abbey Golf Club. As you approach the hitting area, look out over the hole, you start to think….oh my, now what.

Novice golfers worry about their last shot and forget to focus on what is in front of them. Experienced golfers are able to focus on the job at hand. Competitive golfers are able to execute shots under pressure. Professional golfers think about their next shot and how to take advantage of the hole layout. There are many other variations to focused golf, but I think you get the point.

By following Hogan’s advice to only worry about the next shot, many of us amateurs would cut down on the multiple stokes gained from making a mistake. I…

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www.Golfing-Guru.com | Chasing a little white ball, one hole at a time.

One thing I love about golf are the quotes.  How about this one from sport reporting great Grantland Rice!

www.Golfing-Guru.com | Chasing a little white ball, one hole at a time..

Speaker of Cliches … My Back to Basics Approach to Golf | www.Golfing-Guru.com

Reposting from my golfing blog and my second installment of the latest assignment focusing on my core audience.  I think it rings true with all my fellow hackers and weekend warriors out there.  Now go chase that little white ball into the hole.

“Go to your home! ”
~Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore

Speaker of Cliches … My Back to Basics Approach to Golf | www.Golfing-Guru.com.

Packaging and the Bald-Headed Step Child — WordPress.com

Part one of my completed assignment for Blogging 101 for my business website ACE Premiere Products.  Have a read.  It focuses on the pitfalls of considering your packaging options AFTER you have built the product and how to prevent such mishaps.  Enjoy!

Packaging and the Bald-Headed Step Child — WordPress.com.

Fashion Advice Needed

A smart man once said to me, “women are rarely wrong and when they are wrong it’s best to keep your mouth shut.” Ok i am paraphrasing but those husbands and boyfriends like myself who like to keep skin and sanity abide by that simple rule. Agree or disagree?

Golfing on Kauai

Golf Fashion Advice Needed –

By Wayne Halm –

To some extent most men are dressed by women.  Below are the two that dress me these days.

Sally and Priscella They give me some clothes - I put them on - and go about my business - it's that simple. I like simple. Sally and Priscella
They give me some clothes – I put them on – and go about my business – it’s that simple.
I like simple.


However, my simple life is in danger.  They don’t always agree about what looks good on me – and recently they started asking what I liked.  I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even I know to be careful with that answer.

They are women, so there is no right answer – BUT THERE ARE WRONG ANSWERS.  I need a buffer.  I really don’t want to make either or both mad.

I beg you – Please – Help me.  Look at the ten pictures below and decide which shirt you like best. …

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5 lessons golf teaches about how to succeed at your business


This post is in partnership with Entrepreneur. The article below was originally published at Entrepreneur.com.

By Jonathan Boitnott, Entrepreneur.com

According to professional golfer Phil Mickelson, choosing the right club for the situation is the first step if you’re going to be successful at any point. If you choose the wrong club you will miss your mark, no matter how well you swing. Also, the club that is right for a particular shot will change depending on the player’s ability.

The same is true in business. To succeed, you need to choose the right tool for the situation. That tool may be a particular hire that you make or what software you use. The tool that is right for your business in a particular situation can be different from what is right for another business in a similar situation. If you look at the game of golf long enough…

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