Day One Entry: Sep 2, 2015

GK Plays comes to Goose Creek

We played right after the Mid-Amateur Semi-Qualifier. Talk about crazy pin positions.

I have played here previously but for some reason I don’t recall the greens with these crowns and wildly sloping collection areas sometimes 5 feet below the hole.

The thing is this was FUN in a very sadistic way. Personally I enjoyed getting the stuffing beaten out of me. In fact I did rather well on the back 9 we played first; shooting a 41 but then proceeded to play like a donkey on the front 9. Such is golf. It’s a cruel sport but I had a blast. Conditions were darn good that day. The weather cooperated and was not too hot but I think it did get to me when we made the turn.

Situations like these you need to play quickly but was not the case for the golfers in my group. We ended playing 5 hours in what should have been easily a 3 ½ to 4 hour round. Nobody was in front for at least 3 holes at one point; possibly 5 but at that point my interest fell short. That meant at least a sub 4-hour round.

Greens were fast; they were hard. Been reading other posts on and some said they were slow. They must have been putting uphill all day because those downhill putts were diabolical. The greens all have subtle to extreme breaks I suppose that is the course’s defense. Bunkers had decent sand a little dry but once I figured which club to use it was a non-issue (was in 3 bunkers – 1 fairway and 2 greenside). Tee boxes were back (blue). Fairways had great coverage. Rough was cut to about 3 inches but the ball would sink when it settled. That rough was thick and definitely deserved a club or two to get out of trouble.

Overall had fun. Course conditions are pretty decent especially at the price of $50 for our group GK Outing. It was a Deal with a capital D.

I would recommend this course to anyone. It’s appeal is pretty widespread. So if ever GK Plays finds itself here again I am there in spades.

Spoke to the GM/director of golf and you can tell by the tenor of his voice he and his staff take great pride in the course and their amenities. That pride definitely shows in their product.

So what is keeping you from playing? It’s only a short Angelino drive from LA (45 minutes -1hour). Play more golf!

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Mira Loma, CA, United States

Day One Entry: Aug 23, 2015

FREE food courtesy of the Knights of Columbus at St Catherine Laboure!

If you showed up you were treated to a pulled pork slider with apple slaw on a dinner roll, a Hawaiian BBQ chicken slider with sesame slaw on a sweet roll, mixed green salad, chips and a blueberry cobbler with a massive snowstorm of powered sugar on top. Sounds good? It was delicious!

For those of you unable to attend, sorry we missed you. Next time perhaps?

And by the way the food was FREE!

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St Catherine Laboure Church, Torrance, CA, United States

SwingTalk Swing Analyzer by GOLFZON (Review)

SwingTalk Swing Analyzer by GOLFZON (Review).

Day One Entry: Aug 22, 2015


Now we’re cooking with gas buddy! Blueberry cobbler anyone?

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Day One Entry: Aug 20, 2015

Monarch Beach. Golf OC in Style.

The Monarch Beach Golf Links at the St Regis in Dana Point was the host for this edition of the GK Plays. Admittedly it’s a bit pricey for this budget minded golfer but it’s always nice to experience how the affluent experience golf. I would consider the golf experience more than compensates for the green fees.

Simply said, you won’t be disappointed.

The staff top is notch; very accommodating, courteous and attentive. The golf – WOW! Great views coupled with great conditions. This is a resort course so expect foot traffic and the occasional shuttle whisking guests to and from the beach to the hotel.

Greens rolled true. They started slow but as the day wore on they did get faster. The rough was unjust and punishing. The fairways with the exception of a few areas was well covered, green and lush. The bunkers I would say would be my only gripe but they are hazards after all. Tee boxes were all flat.

We foolishly played the tips. And it made for a long round. The experience was fun. It was tough but fun. The wind and tricky greens at Monarch made golf a challenge. At 6600 yards approx it may not seem long but throw in the wind and rolling hills you play made some holes extremely difficult.

The only concern I would have would be the areas in front of the greens. Unlike Redhawk who had to water their greens under extreme heat (once you water you have to continue to water the greens unless you want to cook and quickly kill your fescue) Monarch watered the areas in front of their greens. That made for shots that would stick instead of release as you would expect for a links course. Then again I don’t think of Monarch as a Links style course. I would characterize it more as a really high-end ritzy course with some links features.

Overall I enjoyed my round despite my poor effort. The conditions were great. In the future I know to play perhaps the gold tees instead of the black. But that will be another day and another round. Personally I am looking forward to it.

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Ritz Cove Dr, Dana Point, CA, United States

Day One Entry: Aug 16, 2015

Redhawk Golf Club welcomes GK Plays

That’s right some golf course operators do get it. And the funny thing is the course is in good conditioning considering the sweltering heat today. That was surprising. The reality is that the positive reviews generated by our players today will generate significant currency when it comes to helping other golfers decide where to play next.

When first came up with this idea we were shot down repeatedly by an industry that still uses paper tee sheets to record the day’s receipts.

I am not saying it’s a bad thing. What I am saying they can leverage this “word of mouth” to help bolster future sales. Now more savvy golf course operators get it. They consider our rather modest GK Plays a marketing event not just tee time sales. They view it as a vehicle to help stimulate future sales.

It’s finally nice to see that at least some folks get it.

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Day One Entry: Aug 12, 2015

Sales are brisk today at

We have a full line-up of some great golf at some of Southern California’s golf courses. To name a few we have Redhawk, Monarch Beach and Goose Creek. Golf Course Operators say that conditions are great and we will expect no less. Luckily our online golf community of GKers are charged and ready to consume our GK Plays product.

They get the benefit of our great negotiated rate with great conditions to boot. It should prove to be a wonderful golf experience.

Interested? Check it

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45000 Pechanga Pkwy, Temecula, CA, United States

Day One Entry: Aug 9, 2015

This hole screams eat my golf ball!

No lie. It’s a tester but a fun hole to play! Sorry we missed you at the Journey at Pechanga. It was epic golf with some epic conditions.

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Arbor del Sierra Rd, Temecula, CA, United States

Day One Entry: Aug 9, 2015

Played Pechanga!

Wowzers! I played one of the courses I have been meaning to play for some time. Holy smokes. This course understands service. Pace of play was OK. Conditions were better than any course I have played in quite a while. Greens rolled true. There were a few thin lies but overall conditions were great. Sand in bunkers requires a clubs with a lot of bounce. Once I figured that out the hazards were not a problem.

Course is great. It’s one to play. Come and join me at one of GK Plays next event.

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31001–31121 Ruidosa St, Temecula, CA, United States

Day One Entry: Aug 5, 2015

Playing Angeles National Golf Club

Shit an abysmal 93. Could not drive the ball plagued with terrible approach shots. The highlight putted well and short game decided to show up.

Not bad considering this was from almost a 2 week layoff from golf. Still finished well. Managed to save a few pars.

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9401 Foothill Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, United States

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